AGM 2020

Tasmanian Club de Tango’s 2020 AGM was held on Friday, October 2 as previously announced.  15 members attended the AGM. The agenda for the AGM included the usual business items.  The Presidents report offered by Interim President John Rallings outlined the ups and downs of what has been a very unusual year.  The treasurer report showed that the clubs accounts remain healthy with a modest increase in funds over the 2019/20 financial year.

The office bearer and committee positions were all declared vacant and the election to these position took place.  Only two pre-meeting nominations had been received for the positions of president and treasurer.  Other nominations were taken from the floor.  The end result is the 2020/21 committee comprises the following: John Rallings (President), Cat Walker (Treasurer), Michael Bonny, Carol Atkinson and Tomoko Chida.

The committee had its first meeting on Saturday, October 10.  Among the items discussed and agreed was a nomination for Rosemary Abel to join the committee and an offer by Carol Atkinson to take the role of secretary.

Among other topics were the holding of further Milongas, the resumption of Tuesday evening activities and 2020/21 memberships.  Further details of these will be published on this site soon.