Thank you for attending

Last night ,we had our First Friday Milonga of December celebrating birthday of Carlos Gardel and Julio De Caro a week in advance. It was a pleasant night. Thank you everybody for attending. Special thanks to those who travelled some distance to come from their homes outside the greater Hobart.

The music for cortinas between early tandas was “American Pie”, which has a reference to the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly and others. The music died. This year, on 24 June, it had been 85 years since Carlos Gardel was killed in an airplane accident in Colombia during his Caribbean tour in 1935. It was felt that tango had died. But, soon, tango came to life again. Re-born tango, especially D’Arienzo’s rhythmic ones, brought people back on dance floors. Tango is still with us. It is a joy to mention we had two babies present at our milonga last night. Very early education! Trust tango will be still alive when they have grown up.

It was good to see dancers of last night weren’t milonga-shy despite there were quire unusual milonga tandas except Carlos Di Sarli one. That Di Sarli tanda included “Zorzal”. Its verse tells about Gardel, the thrush (el zorzal).

Music played last night included some songs composed by Gardel and ones by Julio De Caro.

We listened to:

“Mano a mano”, “Soledad”, “Sus ojos se cerraron”, “Volver” and “Me da pena confesarlo” (by Gardel)

“Tierra quiera” and “El arranque” (by De Caro)

We listened to “La cumparsita” played by De Caro’s orchestra as we packed up.

See you all at future milongas.