2021 Beginners Lessons – series 1

The first series of beginners lessons for the year 2021 begins on Tuesday, March 9. Our teacher Juana Cambas will give one-hour lessons of tango foundation for beginners over six Tuesdays (March 9 – April 13). No previous dancing experience required.

Please wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable for moving and walking. It is advisable to bring your own bottle of water to drink. For any questions please email to tasclubdetango@gmail.com.

Time: 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Place: St Francis Xavier’s Church Hall, 61 Adelaide Street, South Hobart

Cost: $15 per person per lesson

Lessons are followed by a practica where students may practice what they have learned in lessons. Beginner students are welcome to attend the practica with no extra cost.

Juana Cambas – Teacher of this series

Juana is a teacher and dancer specialising in Latin dances such as Argentine folklore, tango and contemporary modern dance. Juana was born in Argentina and received wide-ranging professional dance training in her native country.

She has an extensive experience as a teacher at academies and schools, and as a dancer performing at shows, festivals and various other events. Juana also choreographs dance performances as she has completed her study of choreographic composition in university (La Universidad Nacional de las Artes, Argentina). She was a member of the Argentine National Folkloric Ballet before she moved to Tasmania.

Juana arrived in Hobart in 2019. Since then she has been actively teaching tango to individual students and group instruction with Tango Milonguero Tasmania and Tasmanian Club de Tango. Juana’s engaging teaching style and passion for dance have been attracting many new students to tango.