Our old amigos are coming!

Karina and Fabian Conca of Sydney are visiting us in Hobart in two weeks time. Karina and Fabian played a major role establishing tango in Hobart years back. They have been regular visitors to our city since those early days. Having been the centre of the annual Hobart Tango Encuentro, as our amigos and maestros their contribution to Hobart tango community is invaluable.

Karina and Fabian

Karina and Fabian will be with us between Friday the 7th and Monday the 10th of May. There will be several workshops to benefit the members of Hobart tango community. Karina and Fabian will be available for private lessons, also. Details will be posted here very soon.

Karina and Fabian’s performance at the Gala Milonga of Hobart Tango Encuentro 2019
A vals performance by Karina and Fabian at NZ Tango Festival 2015