Important notice re: Beginners Lessons #2

I wish to advise that there will be a short postponement before the start of the next beginners block of Tango classes.

Due to some operational challenges we have decided to move the commencement to the 1st June.  During this time, we will be working to make some minor tweaks to the program to ensure the best opportunity for participants to become familiar with and grow to love for this dance form.

I want to thank David and Mia, our guest teachers from Sidewalk Tango, for their patience while we make these adjustments and look forward to the passion for Tango and the depth of knowledge and skill they will be sharing with us soon.

To those that have already registered, thank you and please be assured your place is secure. To all others, please continue to register your interest and book a place in this new and exciting round of classes. Share with your friends and family and contact me if you have any questions about this change, the new classes or Tango in general.

Updated information will be available through all our channels, e-mail, SMS, website, and Facebook so stay in touch, link up and follow Tasmanian Club de Tango.

John Rallings
Tasmanian Club de Tango