Our Teachers

Shan Deng

deng60_.jpgShan first started dancing in 1997 in New York doing ballroom and salsa. she learnt from various teachers, including American and Australian champions. From 2002 Shan started focusing and teaching swing dancing, including lindy hop, balboa, blues and shag. She and her husband Dave are the co-directors of TasSwing.
Shan began learning the Argentine Tango in 2009 and fell in love with the dance style straight away. She started teaching soon after and currently teaches both beginner and intermediate classes for Tasmanian Club de Tango. Shan has partnered Australian and international dancers in performances and tutoring workshops. She loves travelling around Australia and the world to social dance and improve her dancing through lessons with tango masters.
When not dancing, Shan is a concert pianist and teaches at the Conservatorium of Music, University of Tasmania. Shan combines her expertise in music and her experiences in many dance forms to help students explore body movement and be the most musical dancer on the floor.

Adam James

Having done no more dancing than a barely competent Macarena during school PE lessons, Adam reluctantly began dancing tango in 2008 at the prompting of a keen friend. Immediately fascinated and under the excellent guidance of Jo Langman and Paul Cruttenden, Adam quickly fell in love with the improvised intricacies of this cultural symbol of Argentina.
Although new to dancing, Adam began with more than ten years each of martial arts training and music playing, which equipped him with a strong musical understanding and physical awareness that has allowed him to deeply analyse the dance. In the time since, he has applied his scientific training from completing a PhD in chemistry to break down how each step can be created. Now a school teacher, Adam’s passion is explaining his tango understanding in a way that can be understood and interpreted by others looking to learn this beautiful dance.