Guidelines – Management of Playlists & Themed Events

Adopted by the Tasmanian Club de Tango on 15 October 2019


  • The Tasmania Club de Tango (Club) seeks to promote traditional Argentine tango dancing and music in Tasmania. A key objective of the club is to identify opportunities that support the growth and development of Tasmania’s tango community
  • To support this objective, the Club’s committee
    • supports its members to provide playlists for the Club’s events throughout the year
    • encourages the contribution of its members in proposing, developing and managing themed events throughout the year that complement and enhance our Club activities.
    • seeks to adopt a fair and equitable approach to all members wishing to provide playlists and/or coordinate themed events over the Club’s calendar of events.
    • will take steps to ensure there is a balance between regular club dance themed events in line with the Club’s Guiding Principles.


These Guidelines provide a structured approach to achieving the objectives outlined above.


  1. Playlist Proposal development and management
  • Proposals for playlists should be submitted to the Playlist Manager for review, refinement, approval and scheduling. The review, refinement and scheduling process may take several weeks.
  • The Playlist Manager will be appointed by the Club committee. Expressions of Interest for the role will be called for from club members. The appointment will be for a six-month period.
  • The role of the Playlist Manager will be to encourage and support members of the Club who wish to compile playlists for Club milongas (and practilongas).
  • The Playlist Manager will work with the proposer to review and refine the proposed playlists to ensure that they will appeal to the majority of the Club’s members and are consistent with its values.
  • A key aspect of the role of the Playlist Manager is to facilitate new and aspiring playlist developers to understand the requirements of a quality playlist.
  • This process will ensure there is a healthy mix of quality playlists available for Club events.
  • The Playlist Manager will liaise with the committee’s Media Relations member who will communicate, promote and update the Club’s promotional materials.
  • The committee will review the playlist quality, appeal and management through feedback received via Suggestion Box and any written feedback provided by members.
  • The committee retains the right to not support playlists that are deemed by the Playlist Manager to be inappropriate and/or unappealing, or where the playlist proposer has not been willing to respond positively to improvement suggestions from the Playlist Manager.


  1. Themed Events – Proposal and management


  • The committee welcomes members of its community to propose themed events.
  • Themed event proposals are to be submitted to the Club committee for consideration approval and scheduling. The committee will consult with Playlist Manager prior to approval and scheduling of the themed event.
  • The committee will maintain it’s objective of having a balance between regular dance evenings and themed events.
  • Themed events can take place at any time including the Club’s weekly Tuesday night practilonga or, the Club’s First Friday of the Month Milonga. There will be no themed events during times where there are already scheduled events.
  • The committee will provide support of these events through additional communications and promotions.
  • Upon request the committee will consider providing other complementary support for the themed events such as AV equipment, decorations, catering.
  • The committee retains the right to not support themed events that do not align with the Club’s Guidelines and Rules of Association.






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